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As seen on TV – CH9 Space Invaders

With the increasing popularity of industrial interior style, stainless steel surfaces are no longer reserved for the commercial kitchen, and why should they be? They’re hard-wearing, high quality, and hygienic, making them a family friendly surface.  Stainless steel benches

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Tolix Chairs – Classic Industrial Design History

The practical design concepts of Tolix are founded on five aspects that determine the atmosphere of a place, whether it’s a restaurant, cafe, or public space. The experience is reinforced by factors such as stability, comfort, convenience, performance, and

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Epoxy vs Chrome shelving – which is best for you?

For both businesses and homes, wire shelving units are a visually appealing and cost-effective choice. Because of their longevity, flexibility, and high load size, chrome and epoxy wire shelving units are the most common. However, determining which solution

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Stainless Steel Cleaning Methods & Recommendations

While stainless steel is a highly-durable material, there are a few simple tips to keeping it clean and in tip-top condition. Well maintained stainless steel benches will last for decades. At Brayco Stainless Steel we also offer Stainless

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Cleaning & Disinfection of Stainless Steel For Covid19

Covid19 have bought many extra restrictions for the hospitality industry. As we return to some level of normalcy within our industry here are a few key points to remember when you are cleaning your stainless steel benches. It’s important to

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Benefits Of Stainless Steel For Commercial Kitchens & Catering

As Australia’s leading stainless steel benches and cabinet manufacturers, we find ourselves providing bespoke solutions for a lot of commercial kitchens. Stainless steel is the most hygienic choice for kitchens because it is an affordable and reliable material. Other than

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Commercial Kitchen – Cabinets, Benches & Shelving Layout

The 5 key components of a commercial kitchen Before designing a commercial kitchen space, it’s important to account for the needs that the kitchen must fulfill and the equipment associated with those needs. When you know what components

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Is Stainless Steel The Perfect Material For Commercial Kitchens?

Why Use Stainless Steel in Your Kitchen? Stainless steel is one of the most common materials found in kitchens today. It’s used in everything from appliances to cookware, dishware, flatware and utensils because it is durable, easy to sanitize and

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