Stainless Steel Commercial Sink

Restaurants, hospitals, schools, and other commercial establishments require commercial stainless steel sinks. From compartment sinks to hand sinks, we provide a large assortment of commercial sinks. As a result, you’ll have alternatives for everything from dishwashing to hand washing to filling mop buckets. Furthermore, every one of these sinks is tailored to your specific demands, ensuring high levels of sanitary and safety.

Commercial Sinks

Single- and multi compartment sinks can accommodate your light- or heavy-duty cleaning tasks. Models with one sink or trough are appropriate for small settings, while bigger models with many compartments allow you to clean and sterilise dishware.

We also sell restaurant sinks that can be used for purposes other than washing. Install wall-mounted and hands-free stainless steel commercial sinks in your restroom, prep area, or doctor’s office so that employees and clients can clean their hands in between jobs. We also have mop and utility sinks to help with time-consuming operations like emptying mop buckets and cleaning larger equipment. There’s even a range of sinks large enough to wash your dog.

Brayco’s Commercial Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks

Commercial Sinks For Sale
Sinks and benches from Brayco come in a variety of layouts. Our kitchen sinks are easy to clean and suited for a wide range of uses. Labs, health facilities, and other business locations should have well-equipped washing stations: mould-proof, moisture-proof, sound-reduction pads, lead-free. All of our sinks come with a heavy-duty stainless steel waste drainer, no need to pay more. Brayco sinks come with a depth starting from a 250mm deep bowl, which is plenty for most purposes, but they also have sinks with extra deep pots (400mm) for heavy-duty washing, soaking, or rinsing.

Cleaning Your Stainless Steel Sinks

Cleaning stainless steel is necessary for both cosmetic and corrosion-resistant reasons. To keep the surface’s beauty and integrity, it must be cleaned regularly. Many alternative procedures can be used to clean a stainless steel commercial sinks. They benefit from frequent washing, and unlike some other materials, stainless steel sinks cannot be “worn out” by excessive cleaning. Steel sinks are known for their long-lasting wear and attractive appearance. Proper care and maintenance are essential for keeping stainless steel “stainless.” If you follow a few simple actions, your Brayco stainless steel goods will retain their original professional appearance for many years.

Why you should consider Brayco Stainless Steel Sinks

Brayco commercial stainless steel sinks are designed to fulfil Australian industry requirements and are suitable for hospitals, labs, hotels, schools, and endless other commercial settings. Your specific use requirements dictate the minimum number of sinks required for your commercial kitchen design. Beyond the number of sinks, other aspects are considered, such as the design and extra features. Consider how you’ll utilise each sink to determine which parts will satisfy your needs. The sorts of commercial sinks available and the optional features that can make them more convenient to operate or more suited to specific activities are outlined below.

What Size of Commercial Kitchen Sink Should I Choose?

Commercial stainless steel sinks come in various configurations, including single, double or triple sinks, deep or narrow sinks, and sinks positioned to the left or right. A variety of considerations go into selecting the ideal kitchen sink for your needs: The size of the room, the frequency of use, and the number of employees who use the sink are all factors to consider.

In general, a double sink with a deeper workspace is better for larger rooms or several users. We also cater for different lab sink sizes. Choose from 450, 610 or 700mm deep.

If you’re looking for a new commercial sink, Brayco has a considerable range of sanitising stations to choose from, including:

  • sinks that can handle a range of duties in a busy kitchen;
  • A three-compartment sink without a faucet ensures a smooth workflow.
  • Stainless steel commercial sink with one compartment sink and no drainboard.
  • Commercial stainless steel kitchen sink with drainboard

Businesses may increase their washing capabilities, install stainless steel Freestanding Sinks and hospitality sinks even in small commercial areas, and manage cleaning activities for correct and regular execution by choosing one of these items.

What types of stainless steel commercial sinks and benches are available? Brayco stainless steel commercial sinks and stainless steel benches are also available in custom sizes and configurations.

Stainless Steel Commercial Sink Varieties

Hand Sinks

According to the FDA food code, every foodservice business must have at least one hand sink in a convenient place for employees to use before food handling, after using the washroom, or after taking a smoking break. You can install a freestanding sink, or you can go with a wall-mounted sink. A backsplash is standard on Brayco sinks, with the option to add a splashback to each side of the unit. Side splashes on sinks near food prep facilities are required under the food code.

Compartment Sinks

Washing vegetables, draining colanders, filling pots, freezing food, and other meal prep duties are all done in one-compartment sinks. When not being utilised for food preparation, these sinks can be used for soaking dishes and other cleaning duties. Two-compartment sinks are ideal for thawing food, washing produce, scraping/soaking dishes, and cleaning ceramics that don’t demand the usage of three sinks.

Mop Sinks

Filling and emptying mop buckets and cleaning mops are all done at a mop sink. Employees won’t have to lift large mop buckets if these sinks are fixed on legs or set on the floor. Taps can be fitted on the wall.

Utility Sinks for Commercial Restaurants

Every commercial foodservice establishment needs commercial utility sinks. A commercial faucet is used with the utility sink. Commercial utility sinks are essential for complying with health code standards for good dishwashing and sanitation. Utility sinks range in size, with teo and  three-compartment sinks being the most frequent for dishwashing and sanitising. Make sure you know which commercial sink is right for you.

What You Should Know About Restaurant Sinks

Commercial hospitality kitchen sinks are available in various types, sizes, and styles, ranging from 1-compartment sinks to 3-compartment units nearly 3 metres long.

Brayco sinks are manufactured entirely of stainless steel and are of the highest quality, food-grade #304 stainless steel.

They may be used in any restaurant or industrial kitchen, and you may choose how you want to use them regularly.

It can be challenging to choose the proper stainless steel restaurant sink for your needs, but we’ll break down the different types and assist you in finding the correct one. To begin, think about how many sinks you’ll need and what depth you will need. We offer benches and cabinets to suit your 450, 610 or 700mm deep sink. Then take a peek at our backsplash sink collection.

Commercial Applications

Here is a list of our commercial sinks in 304 Grade Stainless Steel:

  1. Stainless Steel Benches with sinks
  2. Commercial pot sink
  3. Wash Basins
  4. Double bowl sink
  5. Single bowl sink
  6. Steel hand basin
  7. Double Sink Benches

How much will it cost to purchase a Brayco Stainless sink?

One can be forgiven to think that a commercial SS sink would be expensive, that this couldn’t be further from the truth. The Brayco range of SS sinks starts from $429, which is reasonable considering the product will last for years to come. Wall mounted handbasins start at just $94. Taps start at $49.  Give us a call or pop in and we can talk you through your order.

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Commercial Sink FAQs

Brayco stainless steel commercial sinks are made from acid-resistant grade 304 stainless steel and are ideal for a wide range of applications. Fully welding bowls offer maximum durability and value for money. Industrial kitchen sinks stainless steel include the following qualities and benefits: Aesthetically pleasant and contemporary look, It’s hygienic, and it’s simple to clean and maintain. Several forms of corrosion, as well as heat and fire, can be avoided. Available in 1, 2 or 3 bowls, with or without bench space. Despite its small weight, it is strong, solid, and long-lasting.

The most significant distinction between a commercial sink and a residential kitchen sink is the stainless steel bench space. In a commercial grade stainless steel kitchen sink, a stainless steel workbench is typically used for high-traffic food preparation or food washing, and the stainless steel workbench is connected to the sink. Restaurants, bakeries, and hotels are the most common industries that use a steel kitchen layout. Some industrial sinks come with an integrated STAINLESS steel backsplash, which makes cleaning a lot easier. There may be food splattered all over the wall, floor, or mess from the commercial oven, fryers, or other kitchen equipment. There’s a reason why steel splashbacks are so standard in industrial kitchens. When the splashbacks in a commercial sinks are constructed of stainless steel, they are easy to clean.

Food outlets are not allowed to dump dirty water outside after rinsing procedures. As a result, stainless steel commercial sinks might become your indispensable companion. Such a sink will undoubtedly become an essential feature of your commercial kitchen’s cleaning strategy. Make a choice that best meets your rinse needs and will make it much easier to complete everyday activities by simplifying washing procedures, saving time, and assisting the kitchen staff in meeting health and safety regulations and guidelines. When used regularly, such a sink improves convenience. As a result, it’s an ideal solution for organisations in the foodservice industry.

All of our commercial sink units come in a pre-made size. Sorry, we can’t customize any sizes.

You can however combine multiple commercial sinks to achieve the configuration that suits your kitchen.

General FAQs

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